Robertshaw Industrial Products - A global electronics and engineering company that designs solutions to meet total automation management and control requirements.
Chows Industrial (China) Limited - Distributor of electronic materials including wire, resin, adhesives, and discrete and semiconductor components. Also offers small consumer electronics such as watches and calculators for retail and promotional use. Hong Kong.
Natra Electronics - Designs and manufactures industrial controls for entry terminals and lighting, and undertakes custom control production and cable assembly. Profile, products, and services.
Panasonic USA - Manufacturer of consumer electronics, computer products, business and office equipment, broadcast audio and video equipment, building and commercial tools, security systems, and industrial electronics components.
Probal Design. - Research and development company specializing in production equipment and systems; industrial design, automation, robotics, prototyping, pneumatics, electronics, electrical and mechanical installation.
Seika Corporation - Japan. Diversified manufacturing company, active in heavy industrial machinery, power plants, electronics, environmental protection systems, and fiber extrusion and nonwovens production plants. English and Japanese.
GJG Electronics Ltd. - Manufacturers of industrial display systems, sports scoreboards, motor controllers and custom electronics.
SA Tool Electronics (Pty) Ltd. - Specialises in industrial automation, robotics, and programmable logic controllers. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Sowden Industrial Design - Specializes in the design and engineering of consumer and professional electronics. Headquartered in Italy, also has an office in San Francisco.


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