3M Manufacturing & Industrial - Composite materials manufacturer and supplier for industrial manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and architectural applications. Metal Matrix composites.
Saaf Advanced Fabrics - Saudi Arabia. Manufacturers of spunbond and meltblown composites fabrics for medical, hygiene, industrial and agricultural applications, from polypropylene or polyester. Also, custom fabric engineering services. Quick Time plant video.
Mutual Industries North, Inc - USA. Bi-directionally woven tapes for reinforcement, electrical and thermal insulation applications in the aerospace, marine, military, nuclear and computer industries, from carbon, fiberglass, kevlar, ceramics and composite blends. Also, narrow fabrics for furnishings, furniture and bags, and trims and industrial accessories.
Melded Fabrics - Australia. Manufacturers of nonwoven heatbonded needlepunch felts for educational, technical, industrial and automotive applications, from polyester and polyamide. Technical specifications on PDF files. Part of the Nylex Group.
Chongqing Better Industrial & Trade Company - Manufacturer and supplier of chemicals to domestic and foreign markets located in the Chongqing-Jiangbei District. Products include strontium salts, barium salts, titanium dioxide, rare-earth products and lumber.
Waves Electronics Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers of electrical, marine and instrumentation control systems, industrial alarms, cable trays and ducts, sirens, battery chargers, electronic hooters and flashers.
ProSys, Inc. - Providers of process systems consulting service to the refining and chemical industries. Expertise in industrial alarm management.
Sunlight Industrial - Manufacturers of standard and custom batteries, power supplies, diesel generators, and other autonomous power products for industrial and military use. Based in Greece.


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